Toledo Zoo Orangutans

The Toledo Zoo has six orangutans. Three males and three females.

Jiggs Jr., or J.J. as keepers call him. He is a large male with an air sac and two cheek pads. He was born on October 3, 1971 in captivity. He is both Sumatran and Bornean orangutan. He is housed by himself because he prefers to interact with his keepers. He has many interests and finds ways to be entertained. He watches TV. The Price is Right is a favorite. He also has a fish tank, books, paints, and plays games he makes up.

Boomer, short for Boomerang, is the second oldest orangutan. He too is large with an air sac and two cheek pads. He is a Bornean orangutan. He was born at the Toledo Zoo on September 12, 1989. Boomer was an early bloomer. He developed the air sac and cheek pads at 8 years old. He is a great father and helped raise Bajik. Normally male orangutans have no part in child rearing.

Source: Toledo Blade. “Spreading holiday joy, zoo-style

Kutai is the oldest female. She was born on July 27, 1993. She is Boomer’s mate and the mother of Bajik and Khali. She is smaller than the other two males and has a small air sac with two enlarged nipples. The fur around her and eyes are light in color. She is inquisitive. She likes solving puzzles and hunting for treats around the exhibit.


Source: “Toledo Zoo Animal Fact Pages.” Toledo Zoo.

Bajik is the youngest male and oldest child of Boomer and Kutai. His name means “good and wholesome.” He is a Bornean orangutan and was born on April 23, 2004. His air sac and cheek pads are developing, but are not as big as the other two males. Boomer played a large role in his childhood, which is uncommon for male orangutans. He is a fun loving orangutan who loves to interact with the visitors. A common thing he does is sit at the window and tap on the glass when visitors are near. He wants to know what’s in the visitor’s purse or bag. He recently “left” his family and found a mate, Leela.

Source: Jewels, “G”. Toledo Zoo Orangutan

Khali is the youngest female and child of Boomer and Kutai. Khali means “free spirit.” She is a Bornean orangutan and was born on May 13, 2006. She is a momma’s girl and will frequently be seen around her. She likes to play games and hide in blankets.

Source: Hawkins, Michael. “Baby” Orangutan at Toledo Zoo

Leela is the newest Bornean orangutan. She was transferred to the Toledo Zoo to be a mate for Bajik. She was born at the Erie Zoo in April 2003. She was loved by the visitors and liked to paint pictures. She has a younger brother named Ollie who is still at the Erie Zoo.

Source: Erie News. “Orangutan Leela leaving the Erie Zoo”



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